The Clark Lau team assists individuals at all points along the U.S. immigration journey. By the time you consider becoming a U.S. citizen, chances are that you have gone through the different phases of U.S. immigration already - both nonimmigrant and immigrant visa statuses. We are here to help you complete your journey.

U.S. citizens have the right to vote and to travel and remain outside of the U.S. without fear of losing permanent resident status. Requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen include continuous residence in the U.S., physical presence, good moral character, knowledge of civics and history, and in most cases a command of the English language. One does not become a U.S. citizen by mere fact of being in the U.S. for a long duration. That is, it does not happen automatically. We can assist you in determining whether seeking U.S. citizenship is appropriate for you and assist you through the process.