Since March 2020, due to COVID reasons, the Trump Administration imposed travel restrictions on individuals if these individuals were in the UK, Ireland, any of the Schengen countries, Iran, Brazil, and China within 14 days of entry into the United States. Certain exceptions, including National Interest Exceptions, existed.

Today, the Trump administration announced that it would be lifting this ban for individuals coming from the UK, Ireland, any of the Schengen countries, and Brazil with an effective date of January 26, 2021. The ban remains for those traveling from China and Iran. Travelers must comply with existing COVID testing requirements and local quarantine requirements.

No sooner had the announcement been made, the press secretary for President-Elect Biden announced that due to health reasons he would not lift the bans.

As with most immigration and travel news of late, much is fluid so please stay tuned! (The above has been provided for informational purposes only.)