USCIS announced today that not only has the H-1b cap been reached but that it has completed both its US Master's degree H-1b cap and regular H-1b cap lotteries. They will now start processing the selected petitions and will be returning those that have not been chosen.

Given that USCIS has suspended premium processing for H-1b cap cases, it may take a while before employers will receive further news about a particular petition.

In the meantime, no official processing time has been issued. USCIS did announce however they received 190,098 petitions this year for the 85,000 available visas. This is down from the 199,000 filed last year.

If any H-1b cap petition beneficiary needs to do any international travel, please do not hesitate to contact us first to determine if there is any impact on the filed H-1b petition.

Please stay tuned!

(This information was posted for educational purposes only.)